A hydrangea-like flower - what's the name?

Hydrangea garden quite often used as an element of landscape design. Bushes with lush and vibrant flowers look spectacular in the garden or in the flowerbed. There are also other shrubs that, like hydrangea, have lush multi-colored inflorescences. They can be planted next to hydrangea, creating beautiful floral arrangements.

Hydrangea-like flowers and shrubs

The most popular shrubs and gardeners are such shrubs: pentas, phlox, buddley, verbena and heliotrope.

Hydrangea radiant


Pentas is a beautiful perennial shrub very similar to hydrangea. It grows remarkably in temperate climates. The bush reaches a height of 50 cm. The leaves are oval or lanceolate in light green. It has lush inflorescences from a large number of five-petalled stars of the most varied colors: white, red, pale pink, purple. The flowering period is from April to October.

Pentas in the garden


Phloxes are unpretentious perennials from the Sinyukhov family. There are several varieties of flower, among which panicled species are considered the most similar to hydrangea. Phloxes have an amazing aroma and come in a wide variety of colors: purple, red, white, pink. Inflorescences consist of a large number of small flowers, in diameter not exceeding 2-4 centimeters. According to the flowering period, phloxes are spring, early summer and summer-autumn.

Phlox pink and lilac in the garden


The beautifully flowering ornamental shrub of buddley, whose homeland is considered to be East Asia, South Africa and South America, prefers to grow in a warm temperate climate, but can withstand a temperature drop of -20 ° С. She does not need shelter. In winter, the entire aboveground part of the bush freezes, but next spring new young shoots grow to a height of 1.5 meters. The branches on the bushes are thin, ribbed, green. The leaves are long (up to 25 cm), oval in shape and painted in a dark green tone.

Buddley forms lush paniculate inflorescences that are very similar to hydrangea or lilac. Panicles of the bush grow to a height of 20-45 cm and consist of small flowers. The color of the flowers is diverse: bright purple, light pink, white, lilac, purple, red, cream. There are varieties that combine several shades at once.

Lilac buddley bush


Verbena is an unpretentious herbaceous plant, whose homeland is considered to be South America. The flower may also be called Verbena officinalis. In Russian latitudes it is grown as an annual. It has straight or creeping shoots, the height of which is from 20 cm to 1 m. The leaves are round or oval in shape, green. The tops of the stems are crowned with umbellate inflorescences with panicles of various colors: pink, white, lilac, light lilac, sometimes in the center there is a spectacular peephole, like white paint. The flowering period is June-October.

Verbena bushes white and red


The heliotrope is a beautifully flowering hydrangea-like shrub belonging to the Burachnikov family. The bush reaches about 70 cm in height, has lanceolate leaves with pointed edges and long erect peduncles. Heliotrope inflorescences are about 15 cm in diameter, consist of small fragrant flowers of purple or blue color. The most common in cultural floriculture is the Peruvian heliotrope. Also, sometimes you can find corymbose and stalk-encompassing species. Flowering occurs from June until the first frost.

Bush like hydrangea with white flowers

What is the name of a room flower with red leaves

Shrubs with spectacular snow-white hydrangea-like flowers can decorate any garden or adjoining territory. These plants include alissum, spirea and rhododendron.


Alyssum is a popular herbaceous plant, it can rightly be called the perfect flower for the garden. Thanks to the spectacular flowers and amazing honey aroma, it is especially popular among gardeners and landscape designers. On stems, growing up to 20-40 centimeters in height, magnificent capitate constellations are formed, consisting of small flowers of various shapes. It begins to bloom in June, flowering continues until late autumn. There are many varieties of alissum, among which there are both annuals and perennials. In particular, the Benthamii variety blooms in white and is very similar to hydrangea.

Alissum white bushes


Spirea - a flower similar to hydrangea, belongs to deciduous plants from the Pink family. Bushes have various shapes and can reach a height of 2 meters. Spirea can also be called a groundcover. Inflorescences are spike-like, corymbose and paniculate. In particular, panicled species are very similar to hydrangea. The color of the spirea flowers is white, pale pink and raspberry. There are varieties whose flowering begins in May, but does not last long (about a month), there are those that begin to bloom in June and bloom longer (up to three months). Due to the many inflorescences and hanging branches, the bush looks very impressive, especially with white flowers.

White Spirea


Rhododendron belongs to plants from the Heather family. It has leaves of various shapes and sizes. They are sedentary or with petioles, alternate, whole, serrate and pubescent. Large flowers are collected in brushes or lush inflorescences of a corymbose shape, white, yellow, purple, pink and purple colors. The shape of the flowers is bell-shaped, tubular, funnel-shaped and wheel-shaped. There are varieties that exude a very pleasant aroma. Rhododendron blooms for one month.

White rhododendron in the garden

Description of ashen hydrangea

What is the name of the indoor flower with red flowers

Hydrangea ashen, or gray, originally from North America. The height of the bush is 1.2-1.5 meters. Young stems slightly pubescent. Leaves grow up to 15 cm in length, have an elliptical shape, pointed at the tips. Gray hydrangea (Latin name - Hydrangea cinerea) has a dense gray pubescence on the underside of the leaves. Leaves are bright green above. Flat thyroid inflorescences in diameter up to 30 cm consist of snow-white large (up to 1 cm in diameter) flowers. The flowering period is June-September. It grows well in loose, slightly acidic and nutritious soil. Prefers a well-lit or slightly shaded area. It has good frost resistance.

On a note. Depending on the variety of plants, they need to be given due attention, then they will delight the entire flowering period with their beautiful and fragrant flowers.


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