Rosa Knight Oul (Night Owl) - a description of the wicked kliming

Climbing roses are an excellent option for obtaining the maximum decorative effect with minimal labor. Rose Night Oul (Night Owl) is able to quickly decorate the garden with lush inflorescences. It belongs to the type of so-called klimings - large-flowered climbing roses with repeated flowering. In such plants, all shoots bloom - and this year, and perennial.

Rosa Knight Oul (Night Owl) - what kind of variety, the history of creation

Rosa Night owl (the original name is translated into Russian) translates into spectacular inflorescences of a unique color. The velvety petals of purple-violet color with a wine tint do not fade over time. The white middle of the flower with golden stamens contrasts brightly with them. Semi-double flowers (up to 12 petals), large. Rosa Night Out (another version of the adaptation of the name into Russian) has a moderate aroma, in which notes of cloves are traced.

What does Knight Oul look like

Grade description

The leaves of this variety are also unusual - they have a gray-green color, shading juicy purple flowers. The foliage is semi-glossy, the foliage is good.

Shoots up to 4 m long twist and allow you to decorate the garden using supports. At the same time, long branches with multiple inflorescences in bright cascades fall to the ground. If the bush form is more organic in the garden composition, then strong pruning is performed. The shoots are flexible with few spikes. This makes it easy to bend branches for shelter for the winter.

Use in landscape design

Knight Oul climbing rose is widely used to decorate pergolas, trellises and arbors. Long flowering lashes are beautifully arranged in the form of a fan on the walls, as well as decorate arches with them. A worthy companion of roses can be clematis.

Night owl in the exterior

It's important to know! You need to plant clematis 2 years later when the rose has already taken root and has grown. Otherwise, a powerful root clematis can inhibit a young plant.

Growing a flower, how to plant in open ground

The most favorable place for placement will be a sunny area, because even with a slight shade, roses thin out and their bloom weakens. The soil should be loose and nutritious, since during the growing season Night Oul consumes many useful substances necessary for growth and flowering.


When the snow comes down and the earth dries, you can plant a rose. To begin with, a rather large pit is prepared - at least half a meter in width and the same in depth. Then it is half-filled with a mixture of humus and earth. A handful of complex fertilizer is added. All mix and form a knoll. The seedling is placed on top of the knoll, spreading the roots down. The pit is filled to the end and compacted land mixture. It is watered abundantly and spud a little. It is advisable to shade planted plants for two weeks. When young leaves appear, the shelter can be removed.

Plant care

Rosa Scarlet (Scarlet) - a description of the climbing variety

Knight Oul's popularity is based on its beauty and ability to bloom again. An unpretentious variety and ease of cultivation also play an important role.

Caring for a rose involves a number of simple steps:

  • Regular watering. Despite the fact that the rose has a deep root system, you should not neglect watering, especially in the heat. Plants lacking moisture slow down growth, and their flowers wither quickly.
  • Pruning is one of the most important conditions for decorative roses. Since Night Oul is a re-flowering plant, in the spring it is necessary to shorten the old stems, and after the first flowering, cut off the faded shoots. Thus, they stimulate repeated flowering.
  • Mulching improves soil quality. The number of weeds is reduced. In heat, the earth retains moisture. The likelihood of black spotting is also reduced.
  • Feeding is an important element of care. A deficiency of nutrients affects the appearance of the rose: the leaves become smaller and pale, the flowers wither prematurely. Fertilizing with complex fertilizers is carried out in the spring (before the appearance of leaves) and in the summer, in June and July.
  • Proper wintering. In autumn, roses are spudded, then pruned and the whips are bent to the ground. With the onset of cold weather they cover with spruce branches or cover material is thrown onto the frame. If the climate is not very severe, climbing roses do not remove from the supports, but wrap the canvas around them. In the southern regions, you can do without shelter, since Night Oul has a winter hardiness of medium, this variety withstands frosts down to -17 ℃.

Top dressing

Flowering roses

Rosa Parade (Parade) - a description of the variety of clyming

The admiration of the luxurious blooming of roses can be replaced by chagrin due to plant disease. Heat and moisture can trigger fungal infections. In this case, it is recommended to treat with fungicides. Heat and drought cause pests. To combat them, birds are attracted to the garden - the natural enemies of insects. If this measure does not help, the plants are treated with chemicals.


Insects are inconspicuous, very mobile and reproduce quickly, so you need to often inspect the plantings in order to take action in time. The main pests annoying roses:

  • Rosaceae cicadas - a small insect of a yellowish color. Has wings and jumping legs. Very mobile, quickly affects neighboring plants. A typical sign of lesion is white dots on a leaf plate. Damaged leaves fall, the plant may die. The affected specimens are treated by Aktara, watering under the root and spraying the aerial part.
  • Aphids are small insects of green, black or brown color, depending on the species. Aphids live in colonies, multiply rapidly and can destroy a flower in a short time. To combat it, the decis insecticide is used.

Rose circadian

Interesting information! The Celaflor brand produces a patch for roses from aphids. It is glued to the main shoots. The active substance is effective against aphids within 2 months, but does not affect beneficial insects.


Often pink bushes are affected by powdery mildew and black spotting. Preventive measures to combat these diseases include the selection of planting stock, the cleaning of garbage and plant debris, and the proper use of fertilizers. To get rid of powdery mildew, the topaz fungicide is used; Bordeaux mixture helps with black spotting. Knight Oul's resistance to fungal diseases is moderate.

Rose Night Owl - a variety from the largest American rose nursery Vicks. All Weeks seedlings are of good quality and high survival rate, as well as original color and magnificent flower shape.

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