Why spathiphyllum does not bloom and how to feed it so that it blooms

Spathiphyllum is a perennial herb that is often grown in apartments. It has an elegant appearance and is valued for its ease of care. Domestic flower lovers call it "feminine happiness", they believe that the plant brings joy to the house. However, often the owners are faced with the fact that spathiphyllum does not want to bloom.

When and how spathiphyllum blooms

Like any other tropical plant, spathiphyllum does not drop leaves all year round. However, it was not the greens that gave the flower such popularity. To a greater extent, “female happiness” is liked by people because of their flowering.

Blooming spathiphyllum

Types and forms of flowers

The color of the leaves and the shape of the buds depend on the variety of spathiphyllum. At the moment, botanists have bred more than 40 species of plants, but few of them can be used to decorate apartments.

  • Abundantly flowering. A flower with light green leaves that can reach 20 cm in length. Peduncles rise above the foliage by 20 cm. The white perianth is small, reaches up to 8 cm in length and not more than 3 in width.
  • Pleasant. Oblong leaves are elliptical in shape, can grow up to 30 cm in length. Bract of light green color. It can reach 20 cm in length.
  • Cannulate. The leaves are dense and narrow, up to 40 cm long. The bract coverlet has a 2-color color: white on the front side, light green on the wrong side. The bed can reach 22 cm in length.
  • Spoon-shaped. The width of the sheet of the spoon-shaped spathiphyllum is up to 15 cm with a length of 30-40 cm. The cover is concave, which resembles a spoon. At the beginning of flowering, it is white, but when it begins to bloom, it turns green.

Wallis spathiphyllum is valued for its unpretentiousness

  • Wallis. The most unpretentious type of plant, and therefore the most popular among domestic housewives. Spathiphyllum is small in size: leaves are up to 24 cm long, white inflorescence is 5 cm. The bedspread has the property to turn green.
  • Mauna Loa. The inflorescence is white, wide, elliptical in shape, concave and cream in color. Leaves are short - up to 5 cm in length. Flowers can be cut, they retain freshness for about a month.
  • Picasso. Outwardly, the most noteworthy variety of spathiphyllum is Picasso. Whole sections of its green leaves are painted white. Perianth and cob also have a two-tone color.

Picasso is arguably the most noteworthy variety

Flowering time

Spathiphyllum is a perennial plant, and therefore flowering first occurs after full development. Only in the second year of life does a young flower blossom for the first time. This time may vary depending on the environment and conditions for caring for the plant.

Spatiphyllum budding can occur annually, but in some cases it refuses to bloom.

Favorable conditions cause spathiphyllum to begin flowering in March. Often it continues until the fall, however, it may begin to bloom repeatedly towards the end of summer.

Attention! With proper care of the flower, repeated flowering is possible.

Why does not spathiphyllum bloom, but only leaves leaves

There can be many reasons why spathiphyllum does not bloom. The basis for all is improper care. But even if the owner understands what is wrong with the flower, not every grower knows what to do in such a situation and how to save the plant.

Improper placement of the flower "female happiness"

Why doesn’t bloom - what to feed

Before planting a flower, you should take care of finding a suitable place in the house for it: it must satisfy a number of parameters. First of all, spathiphyllum should not be in a draft. Good lighting is also required. If there is not enough natural, it is recommended to put artificial.

Note!Window sills are not always a good way out: direct sunlight can leave burns on the leaves, and UV radiation destroys the structure, because of which the leaf plate begins to turn yellow.

It is worthwhile to carefully monitor the condition of the flower: if the leaves begin to stretch, changing their shape, this means that they do not have enough light. It can also lead to a lack of flowering.

It is undesirable in winter to place a flower pot next to batteries and other heaters, since during rest, the spathiphyllum needs a lower temperature.

Leaves turn yellow

Low humidity

Spathiphyllum is an exotic plant whose homeland is in the tropics. At home, you need to recreate about the same conditions in order to make the flower bloom. You can control the humidity level in the apartment with a hygrometer or psychrometer. The problem often arises from central heating, as it dries the air very much.

Watering errors

Watering the plant is required no more than 2 times a week. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the soil and carry out the procedure only as it dries. It is also worth wiping the leaves from dust, because without this they can lose elasticity.

Do not flood the plant. Incorrect procedure can also affect the condition of the flower. Watering should be carried out with well-defended water at room temperature. In the warm season, watering is more often, and in winter the number of procedures is reduced.

Excess or lack of nutrients

Usually, so that the spathiphyllum bloomed profusely, gardeners begin to feed it intensely. But it is worth remembering that not every fertilizer will be useful at one time or another for the plant. Nitrogen should be used exclusively for growing leaves, and therefore during flowering, this can play a trick.

Important!Too frequent introduction of fertilizing leads to the fact that you can poison the plant. An incorrectly performed procedure can make irreparable - the roots will get a severe burn.

Incorrect soil composition

The soil for the plant should be slightly acidified. If there is a desire to prepare the substrate yourself at home, then you should take:

  • 1 part humus;
  • 1 part of sheet land;
  • 2 parts of woody earth;
  • 1 part of peat land.

You can improve with charcoal. It is important to lay drainage on the bottom of the pot.

Pot too big

Another reason why spathiphyllum does not bloom, if good home care is done for it, can be an outsized pot. Before releasing the peduncle, the plant will try to completely fill the entire space of the container provided to it.

Spathiphyllum pot size

If you do not want to wait a long time, you can transplant the flower into a smaller pot. But too often, doing this is also not worth it, because this event is very stressful for the plant.

Diseases and Pests

If spathiphyllum began to grow poorly, the problem may lie in the pests that inhabited the flower. Frequent guests include worms, spider mites and thrips.

Depending on the type of pests that appear, it is worth arming yourself with special tools purchased in the store and treat the plants according to the attached instructions.

How to make spathiphyllum bloom: tricks

Why spathiphyllum does not bloom at home

There are many tricks to bloom spathiphyllum. The main one is shock therapy. It is recommended for a couple of weeks to place the flower pot in an environment where the air temperature is about 12 degrees Celsius, and then return it to the room. After that, buds should appear.

Troubleshooting Care

First of all, if the spathiphyllum began to wither, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the rules for caring for this plant. Depending on the external characteristics of the flower, it is required to choose the right place in the apartment where there will be no drafts, humidify the air and remove it away from heating appliances.

If the pot or soil composition is incorrectly selected, it is recommended to transplant by choosing a smaller pot and carefully brushing the substrate from the roots.

Spathiphyllum transplant as needed

Stimulation of flowering with fertilizers and crusts

Florists need to know how to feed spathiphyllum for abundant flowering. Incorrectly selected fertilizers can contribute to the growth of new leaf mass, instead of budding. Organics are necessary only after the end of the dormant period in order to strengthen the root and immune system of the flower.

After this, it is worth switching to mineral fertilizing. Complex fertilizers are recommended because they contain more nutrients. However, in the absence of flowering, it is worth knowing how to feed the spathiphyllum so that it blooms. Most often, phosphorus and potassium are used for this.

Attention! Definitely worth stopping to make nitrogen fertilizers in the waiting period for flowering.

Purchased funds

We can’t say the better to fertilize plants - purchased or folk remedies. For spathiphyllum, it is recommended to choose any drug for feeding aroid plants. Most popular remedies:

  • Bona forte;
  • chelatine;
  • nitrophosk;
  • azofosk;
  • "Green house";
  • "Garden of Miracles."

Observe the instructions for use and carry out the procedure exclusively with the use of protective equipment.

Folk remedies (sugar, coffee grounds, drunk tea, etc.)

Among folk remedies, you can use the following:

  • Tea leaves or coffee grounds. They contain a large number of oils, trace elements and vitamins. Before applying to the soil, it is worth drying.
  • Watering with sugar water activates the vitality of the flower and increases its immunity.
  • A banana peel will also help revitalize the plant. It is recommended to cut the fresh ingredient into small cubes and add to the soil.

Folk remedies are safer for indoor plants than specialized ones, since improper use will not be able to do harm.

Banana peel dressing


Other possible problems with the flowering of spathiphyllum and their solution

Spathiphyllum - reproduction at home

Spathiphyllum flowering may not occur for various reasons. However, the absence of this process is not always the only problem of gardeners who are busy growing this plant.

Dropping buds

Spatiphyllum begins to drop buds for 3 reasons:

  • insufficient watering;
  • water entering the buds;
  • direct sunlight.

To correct the problem, it is only necessary to exclude these factors, place the plant in a more suitable place, and also learn how to properly water the flower.

Flowers grow green

Inflorescence greening can occur for natural reasons or as a result of improper care. In the first case, do not be scared. In the second case, we are talking about the following factors:

  • violation of the dosages of the introduced dressings;
  • excessive watering;
  • fungal diseases;
  • excess lighting.

After eliminating the causes of this phenomenon, the plant will again delight inflorescences of the usual color.

Green flowers


How to care for spathiphyllum after flowering

When the spathiphyllum has faded, it is recommended to carefully cut or remove each flower with your hands.

Strong trimming should also be done immediately so that the plant rests during the winter.

It is necessary to exclude top dressing and reduce watering, since this is not necessary during the rest period. If you need a transplant, it is better to do this at the moment.

Spathiphyllum is a fairly popular indoor plant, since it is not considered capricious, even beginner flower growers can take care of it. The plant feels comfortable on the windowsills of central Russia.