4 ways to quickly clean the house after the New Year

The upcoming holidays promise us a lot of pleasant sensations. Guests, Christmas trees, crackers and confetti are indispensable attributes of New Year's celebrations. And how to quickly clean the house after the upcoming parties, you need to know in advance.

We clean the houses ourselves

Use the most environmentally friendly detergent for cleaning - ordinary baking soda. If you don’t have a dishwasher, put the dishes in a bathtub and fill them with warm water. After half an hour, fat and food debris are easily washed off with an ordinary sponge.

Dirt from the carpet can be cleaned with a window washer, after sprinkling the floor with clean water and waiting a couple of minutes. The rubber part will perfectly remove tinsel, needles and hairs from the pile and significantly refresh the floor covering.

Finally, thoroughly ventilate the room. And clean a few oranges in reserve - this will miraculously aromatize the air in your room.

Call the Cliner

The easiest and most convenient way out, provided, of course, the presence of a certain amount of free money.

The first thing to do is to be responsible for choosing a company that provides cleaning services.

There are plenty of offers on the market, however, only a few of the organizations are able to send a suitable, professional and conscious cleaner to your home.
Irresponsible cleaners can spoil furniture, textiles, equipment, or, alas, take something with you.

We carry out cleaning with robots

Automatic assistants are not particularly expensive, and there are a lot of benefits from the farm.

The dishwasher, vacuum cleaner and floor polisher will clean the stained dishes and floors almost minutes before shine.

Immediately lay fabric items with stains after the banquet in the washing machine.

Do not forget to set the mode correctly - tablecloths or napkins can be very thin, made of delicate materials.

Please help friends

This is the most pleasant cleaning method of all - after all, working in a company is much more fun.

Call a few buddies, and you can solve the problem in half an hour. It is only necessary to explain to the visitors some nuances regarding your home - for example, that the kettlebell behind the door works as a stupor, and it is better not to open the closet, which is clogged up to failure, so that the guest does not fall on his head.

Pitfalls of such a “subbotnik” - saving time, you risk immediately spending it on the next party. After all, friends, having come together, will surely require you to continue the banquet as a fee for the service.