My way to plant carrots so that it sprouts earlier than the neighbors

I noticed that if you sow dry carrot seeds, they will germinate for a very long time. Thinking a little, I invented my own way of landing.

First, I pour carrot seeds in a convenient container, for example, in a plastic bottle and pour warm water (40 - 45 °). Add 1 drop of hydrogen peroxide, close the lid tightly and leave for 2 hours. Shake the container periodically.

Then I drain the water through a fine sieve so as not to miss the seeds. Then I wash them with warm water and spread them on paper or on a saucer. It is necessary that the seeds swell. To do this, it is best to cover them with a film on top.

I will tell you one secret of a successful planting: so that the seeds do not stick to your hands and do not get lost in the ground, you need to sprinkle them with starch. He envelops them, they do not stick to each other and are clearly visible on a dark background of the earth. After this, the carrot seeds can be carefully laid out in the grooves, especially if you, like me, are not a fan of thinning beds.

While the seeds swell and dry, I prepare the bed. True, I begin to do this in April, when the snow is falling. For warming, I cover the ground with a black film. When the soil is ready, I make grooves. To scare away the carrot fly and other pests, I spill the recesses in the ground with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

I sow carrot seeds in wet, heated grooves, this immediately stimulates them to hatch. From above, I’m not just falling asleep, but I must condense so that there are no voids. This is very convenient to do with a flat wooden plank.

And one more secret: in order for the carrots to sprout faster, you can fill it up not with soil, but with a loose substrate. For example, sleeping coffee or sand mixed in half with the ground. Thin sprouts are easier to grow through a loose surface. Also, coffee serves as an excellent fertilizer for plants and repels pests with its smell.

I cover the top with a film to keep the atmosphere warm and humid.

With such a planting, my carrots emerge very quickly and after 5 days its green tails are already 2 to 2.5 cm high. While the neighbors who planted the same variety of root crops using the usual technology, he had not even gotten into the garden.